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Pangolin Laser Show Software

Official Dealer for all Pangolin Award Winning Laser Products.



The all New QuickShow 2.2

Powerful, affordable and easy to use.

Just connect the USB dongle to your laptop and you are ready to use the most powerful and easy to use Laser Show Software available in the market today.

QuickShow 2.2  new low price:  $ 595  

Order Now and start creating world class laser shows with ease in no time.


Pangolin QuickShow


$ 595


Pangolin LD 2000 Laser Show Controller

Selecting the right Laser Show Software it is Extremely important to achieve great results,  we recommend the use of Pangolin LaserShow Designer with all our Products.

Starting with the all new QuickShow 2.0 for beginers, all the way to LD 2000 Pro for Advance Users, please review the various features of each software version to best choose which one  will give the best cost effective results.







Now you can make sophisticated laser images by working directly with standard 3D computer graphics.

This autodigitizing magic is accomplished by Lasershow Converter MAX, Pangolin's new plug-in for the

 program 3D Studio MAX.  
The plug-in enables computer graphic artists to convert 3D objects and scenes into laser outlines.

 The result can be as simple as a single-frame logo, or as complex as an animated fly-through of a city.

Why use computer graphics

Click to see full-size pictureThe pictures at right show 3D Studio Max (3DSM) scenes, and then the laser version of those scenes. (Click on the picture for a full-size view.) Using 3DSM will save you time and help you create better shows. Here's why:Features such as accurate perspective and true hidden-line removal are perfectly realized.

No additional work is necessary by the artist. All that is required, is that the artist 1) know 3DSM and 2) have a basic understanding of laser requirements, such as a low object count and relatively simple objects. There are thousands of pre-built objects available.


Pangolin also offers a much smaller, lightweight unit, which is more convenient to carry around and use with a laptop computer. This sturdy laptop-friendly box includes the power supply and the Network Adapter Board. This box can be connected to your local network or directly to your computer. The size of this small box is 7.5 x 7.5 x 1.5 inches (19 x 19 x 3.8 cm).



Lasershow Designer 2000 Software

LD2000 Professional: $ 4995

LD2000 Basic: $ 2495

LD2000 Intro: $ 1495

QuickShow:    $   595

Excellent introductory-level software. Plays and edits any show created on LD2000 Pro and LD2000 Basic, or create your own simple shows. A low-cost solution for discos, theme parks, etc. to run shows created by others and to do basic creation. Also useful for custom applications and turnkey products, where LD2000 is an embedded device for playback control. LD2000 Intro also includes TraceIT. You can upgrade to LD2000 Basic or Pro at any time by paying the cost difference.
LD2000 Intro includes one QM2000 board which fits in a half-length (7") PCI bus slot. The LD2000 software comes on a CD-ROM which includes clip art frames and over 100 modules (song-length shows). 50-page illustrated installation manual and Tutorial DVD are also included.




The CD/DVD set is packed with programs, help files, frames, shows and music.


A suite of programs and utilities that work together to create and sequence images into animated laser shows and beam effects, all played back with audio, video, DMX-controlled lights and pyro. The software runs on Windows computers (2000, ME, XP, Vista). LD2000 programs include:

These high quality graphics and animations are ideal for demanding laserists who specialize in high quality laser displays.

Now any Pangolin user can play laser show cues live, using a professional-grade console: Laser-show Performer. The LP console is perfect for clients such as discos, who prefer playing from a dedicated "button box" rather than a computer keyboard.
Laser-show Performer has nine banks of 48 cue buttons, for a total of 432 cues. The cues themselves are set up in advance using the Live! and LivePRO programs. Cues are highly flexible. Each cue can be a frame or animation, still or scrolling text, or any part of a Showtime show. The cues also can trigger TTL outputs for control of beams or other external devices.




Powerful, Afordable, Easy to use







Introducing:   LivePRO

The visual synthesizer for laser shows

Musical synthesizers create and combine a variety of sounds, letting an accomplished musician play the sounds together, to make an enthralling sonic experience.
Like a synthesizer for laser shows, Pangolin's new LivePRO creates and combines beams, graphics and abstracts, allowing accomplished laserists to play all of
these together, to make an enthralling visual experience.

"Polyphonic" laser visuals

LivePRO goes far beyond previous live-performance laser software. You can layer up to four beam and graphic cues at once. It's like going from playing one note at a time, to three notes of a chord plus a melody.  For example, beam effects can be playing on tracks 1 and 2, while mirror ball effects are playing on track 3 and graphic animations are playing on track 4. Or, have four separate graphic tracks fade in and out, layering and interacting at the same time on a single screen.

Over 1700 cues

Just as a musical synthesizer has hundreds of preset sounds, LivePRO gives you the tremendous variety of over 1700 preset cues at a time. Each cue can contain an image, two separate effects, a color sequence, and a beam sequence -- or any combination.  And just like a musical synthesizer allows you to change the sound while you're playing, LivePRO allows you to modify a cue's size, position, rotation, scan rate, color, and other parameters live while you are playing the show. When it's time to switch from one cue to another, you don't have to jump-cut. Smooth transitions include morphing, fading, zooming, etc. You can even create your own transition effects.

Beam and TTL chasers

In addition to the four tracks, LivePRO also has two independent chasers. The Beam Chaser can target up to 64 different mirrors. The TTL Chaser is designed for optical tables with actuators and it can also control external effects such as rotating mirrors and fog machines. Both chasers let you control the speed, direction, pattern and other chase parameters.

Runs itself with automatic audio, beat and cue systems

In live music, the beat is the key. You can listen to the beat and play LivePRO manually using the computer keyboard or one of the controllers shown here. Or you can allow LivePRO to run itself. Each group of 12 cues can have its own beat pattern. LivePRO can then detect the musical beats and automatically trigger cues according to the patterns that you define. LivePRO can also change the size, position, color and other parameters based on the amplitude and frequency content within the music. While these automatic functions are running, you can change additional parameters manually, or just sit back and enjoy the show.



New Low price

$ 345

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