MODEL: ScannerPro 20W RGB

Solid state laser diode projectors with CTI 6215HP scanners

Red @ 637nm 5,800mW Green @ 532nm 8,000mW Blue @ 445nm 8,000mW

Class: Class 4 with FDA/CDRH Compliant Projector Dimensions: 25x10x9 inches Clearance: 3 inches off back for cable clearance Weight: 97 Pounds

Power: Universal 90-240 VAC @ 15amps Cooling: Air via internal fans.

Unit must have 6 inches of obstruction free ventilation on each side. Heat Dissipation: 600 Watts

Operating Temp: 10°C , 40°C


High resolution, CTI 6215HP

30K at 8 degrees ILDA standard, 60 degree Optical
  Balanced Input on scanners and colors (full ILDA spec)
  Key switch
  Emission indicator
  ILDA standard input db25 connector
  ILDA standard db25 pass thru
  Remoteable safety interlock, includes Laser on and

status indicators.
  Scanner Speed Failsafe
  Internal physical shutter
  Analog modulation


Warranted against manufacturer's defects for 1 year FDA Variance filed on Client's behalf included (USA)