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 We specialize in the production of spectacular laser light shows for special events, rock concerts, corporate events, nightclubs, conventions, grand opening celebrations and large civic events.

A laser light show is a visually striking futuristic display of coherent light similar to a Star Wars special effect. The light can be concentrated and keep into a tight beam for great distances by shining one or more laser beams through a variety of electro-optical elements controlled by vector scanning computer software working in network and projected around stage areas, screens, buildings or hovering in the air as  holographic illusions. These shows are often accompanied by music or other audio visual multimedia effects and are used as a form of entertainment at events such as rock concerts, special events, corporate theater, electronic music festivals, nightclubs, private events and civic events.  The laser beams can be manipulated by advanced award winning computer software to create a wide range of intense effects, including moving waves, fans, grids, and other geometric shapes that evolve and transform into many sophisticated lighting effects including computer animated graphics, corporate logos projection and text messages that communicate instantly your message in a cost effective way. Large outdoor laser effects have dazzle world audiences with a monumental impact similar fireworks or most recently drone shows.  Additionally,  laser light shows can incorporate fog or haze to create a more immersive experience for the audience by visually appearing in 3D-like holograms above the audience. Please tell us your ideas for your next event, and we'll give you a quotation based on the optical power needed for the size of your event venue. Get a quotation today.  The beauty and intensity of laser light has no parallel, no other light delivers the effects that only lasers are capable of producing, and they can be adapted into any musical presentation or as dynamic and futuristic lighting art form. Get the audience attention instantly!   Lasers can greatly enhance the presentation of a performer or a product with great impact. We have accumulated the experience of over 30 years in the entertainment business. We are ready to help you produce a truly spectacular event. Our clients includes a variety of successful event promoters, performers and celebrities, special effects for television and film productions, rock concerts, trendy night clubs and large corporate firms.

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