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RGB Lasers for corporate events by United Laser

Our client list includes celebrated world-class brands such as:

Royal Caribbean International

Ferretti  Group - Luxury Yachts

Paisley Park, The Artist is formerly known as "Prince"

DJ Tiesto, Club mansion, Club Space,  Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood


Welcome to United Laser 

      We use a variety of white lasers and full-color RGB lasers of different power outputs, from 1 watt to 25 watts of optical power.  We love lasers and it shows, our company is the result of over 30 years of experience in the laser entertainment business.  We thrive in artistic creativity and high-tech optical sciences.  Our company is FDA variance licensed.

     We produce spectacular indoor and outdoor laser show effects for corporate theater, nightclubs, arenas, concerts, cruise ships, billboard advertisement, marketing, civic events, trade shows, film and television productions.  We use the unparalleled beauty and intensity of coherent laser light properties combined with the latest advances in computer vector scanning software to create an extraordinary dimension of sophisticated electronic visual art.   When an event needs a dynamic, high energy look, lasers deliver the special touch!  

The laser look is very, singular, and futuristic

     No other light is capable of producing the sophisticated visual effects that only lasers are capable of producing, delivering a dynamic impact and cost-effective way of communicating your vision or a message. Lasers can enhance the presentation of a product or a performer with maximum impact.  "Get the audience attention instantly".  Lasers are highly adaptable to any venue transforming the architecture of a  stage or a building instantly.

    In the past, the use of lasers was complex and expensive, reserved only for big budget productions, but years of research in the field of optics, lasers, and computer graphics has enabled us to develop compact, efficient and totally affordable compact laser projection systems for sale or as temporary show rentals.

We are the complete solution for your laser needs. 

   We produce high-quality laser shows for temporary or permanent installations. In addition, we provide laser equipment sales, rentals, and complete laser system service,  and repairs.

    We are licensed by the FDA and CDRH as manufacturers and users of electronic devices containing lasers of Class IV high optical output laser emissions in compliance with US regulations and safety practices.

Club LIV Miami LED Lighting


Indoor lasers at Club LIV Miami
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