UNITED LASER ARTISTS INC.  Is a leading laser lighting display company in business since 1994.

                                                    U.L.A. is based in Miami Beach, FL. U.S.A.

             U.L.A. offer our clients the benefit of the experience in the electro-optical and computer vector CGI imagery that can be adapted to selected clients that can incorporate the unique properties of specialized laser lighting into their special event. Laser effects and its artistic applications in the world of futuristic visual art for entreatment .  Our approach to laser lighting has an artistic quality of futurism that is dynamic, powerful, sophisticated and elegant.   The realm of electro-optical sciences and its artistic applications in the visual arts is our expertise,  pertaining to the use of  laser lighting effects  that can be incorporated into an unsuspecting audience grabbing their attention at once even across vast distances creating the element of surprise and excitement at the precise  moment,  delivering a unique visionary and futuristic production.

            We thrive on artistic creativity, and we benefit from our collective team effort.  Our laser light shows have dazzle large audiences by incorporating our technical and artistic vision and listening to our clients needs carefully for a well planned production that can evoke audience imagination and emotions in an instant. 

          We offer our clients the unique physical properties of laser lighting that can be adopted for different venues that meet the the safety standards criteria for safety and in compliance of applicable FDA, CDRH and FAA standards for safety and ledal used in the U.S..             The unique characteristics of coherent laser lighting can be adapted and customize to fit special events venues that can accommodate the specific conditions required by the laser projection specialists

        U.L.A. creative team of lighting professionals include the talents of highly skilled computer programmers, laser display technology specialist, lighting designers ,sketching artists, electro-optical engineers and highly trained technicians. 

                                     "High tech science and artistic creativity are our driven forces"

UNITED LASER ARTISTS INC. uses equipment that meet the professional ofILDA (International Laser Display Association).           Experience holographic simulations using Hi-Tech atmospheric laser effects that evolve and transform into robotic sophisticated motion, hovering over the audience in 3D.   In addition, outline computer CGI aid animations deliver a sophisticated and cost effective form of publicity, branding and cost-effectiveways of communicating our clients message.

           In addition, laser effects can be adapted to project  custom corporate logos, outline animations, custom animated text messages in any font or language, as well other geometrical and pre-programed vast library of images accumulated through the years of experience, and our artists animations have the best of two world, hand animated images as well advanced computer animated models using Award winning technology at ILDA International Laser Display association, our engineering team has also been awarded top technical achievement award for innovating technical merit.  We use technique similar Disney's team of imagineers

 by carefully drawing frame by frame images that can be readed as vectors by computer scanning systems skeith shing artists and nowadays CGI computer software help us create custom 3D animation and robotic effects as well as holographic illusions best projected onto a see discreet mechanical screens to the effect appears in 3D dimension hovering above an unsuspected audience that when combined with laser effects look like special effects use in Director George Lucas Trilogy Star Wars, Director Stanley Kubrick 2001: A Space Odyssey, Ron Howard' Apollo 13,  and Steven Spielberg unique storytelling  wisdom which has inspired inspire Mr. Capriles to always aim high in order to achieve artististic, visionary futurism of excellence in the visual arts.

We Our team of laser light show specialists can overcome any technical challenge, the great quality of  adaptability and  integration into event and in any venue.   Lasers Are best appreciated when combined with the perfect soundtrack, cinematic, Rock & Roll, classical or electronic music, the result is pure visual magic which effect can be seen in perfect sync  to various customized soundtrack for our client's taste and artistic vision.  The sophistication of the technology we use can tell a story.  Our President CEO Eduardo Capriles has a degree B.A.S. Degree in Film, Television and Digital Production from MDC School of Entertainment and Design Technology, in addition, visionary Eduardo Capriles has a Microprocessor Technology, electronic & Audio  fromm Bouder College of Miami, knowledge that was required by a Xerox Subsidiary in South Miami Deltana Technologies where he worked for 4 years as a Lab Technician and learned in 1986 the know how to repair of ION Technology laser systems from American Laser of Salt Lake City Utah.  Xerex Corporation introduced a large industrial printer the 9700 series which was a successful business pinter used by utility companies mass billing documents.  Simultaneously, Eduardo Capriles  performing calibration, and refurbishment help  and most recently completed  B.A.S degree in Mass Communication and General Motion Picture of the prestigious School of Communication of the University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL.    Mr. Capriles passion for the optical sciences started in 1977 at the German Zeiss Planetarium in Caracas. Over the years, United Laser Miami has the accumulated experience of years of experience in the field ofelectro-optical engineering, software development, optic as well as a unique approach for the visual arts with passion.    Years of experience in the laser entertainment business has enable us to be at the innovated cutting edge of laser technology.   Our laser technology and artistic approach showcases the beauty and intensity of full color RGB laser projection emissions and state of the art technology of laser light with show and in perfect sync to a soundtrack, cinematic, classical , electronic or Rock & Roll that grab the attention of unsuspecting audiences for maximum impact!

      The unique and wonderful properties of coherent laser light can be projected over long distances without the need for optical focus correction and only needed is projection zone geometry correction. Focus is needed  in video mapping projection and in other forms of automated show lighting associated conventional lighting, video mapping, however,  lasers emit coherent lighting source that stays highly tight and does not loses brightness of over vast distances.   The word LASER is an acronym that stands for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation" (LASER), acronym which best describes the unique physical properties of coherent laser light emissions in the visible spectrum of light.   We work closely with our clients who seek the innovative technology that can can be best adapted in special events that require to get the attention of the audience instantly with maximum impact!

      UNITED LASER ARTISTS INC. uses state of the art diode based laser projection systems that emit of coherent  RGB full color controlled images and atmospheric effects adaptable to certain venues that can be enhanced by the futuristic look that only lasers are capable of producing.  Venue controlled environments that meet the FDA rigorous standards for safety and legal operation procedures, calibration and documented filing at the State and Federal level for professional laser show displays for either indoor or outdoor productions.

 optical table FL who introduced me to the beauty of programming and  and computer. U.L.A. also met with the owner of NEW Method Lasers Bob Ash, and his full auto popular 3D Laser Software controller.  Also we met Patrick Murphy, president of ILDA (International Laser Display Association) of software development U.L.A.  slow RPM  polished a an artistic premier Laser Show company with world-wide projects,  Seattle that manufactured a large fiber optic HD YAG Laser System controlled by Laser Designer software from Pangolin Orlando, a truly challenging installation that was visible as a architectural iconic all over Coral Gables The Shops at Sunset, owned by the largest US mall operator and developer SIMON Group. The show was very successful U.L.A. got a contract for servicing and maintaining the system on a weekly basis.  simultaneously,  after that successful in 1998 Royal Caribbean International commission UNITED LASER ARTISTS INC. to design an ambitious project for the largest ship of 140.000 tons of displacement wich in 1998 was the largest and most cruise liner in the world, constructed by Kvarner Masa Shipyards in Turku, Finland launched November 27, 1998, and formally named By Olympic figure skater Katerina With on November 20, 1999 and criscent in South Hampton, England,  U.L.A. was also commissioned to work on the Vision of The Seas, Enchantment of the Seas,  at the turn of the Millenium,  Mr. Capriles U.L.A. was by the world most experienced professional laser light show company in the world: Lasernet and his founder Tom Harman and we have collaborated in various laser show installations worl-wide.  U.L.A. helped Harman to program laser shows using vector based lasers canning systems. Mr. Capriles became proficient in the use of Lasermax, Full auto and Bill Bene's Pangolin Corporation which U.L.A.is an exclusiver dealership for QuckShow, Beyond and all other Pangolin Laser Technology products.  .  U.L.A. became a dealership for all the windows based software in 2010 with the extraordinary software from Pangolin Corporation.   Nowadays, Pure Diode based technoly if highly optical efficient and the software controller we use is an award winning product at ILDA> It has helped our team programming integrated into a full automated Broadway style theatrical presentation with the precision required by a renowned  choreographer from New York,.  Celebrity Cruise Lines latest ship at the turn of the Millenium, was  built at the Charteiers de L'Athantic in St. Nazare, France, with a cricenet ceremony in Afterdam, Holland,. The ship featured 11 decks for passengers and  the of most advanced gas turbines of that time, also, it was the ship that first new-built vessel for Celebrity after Royal Caribbean signed a letter of intent with Chantiers de L'Atlantic to build two new ships, with an option for more following the merger between it and Royal Caribbean, also Millennium was the first new built with haul in German shipyard Meyer Werft.   So Capriles went to Rostock Germany where the to performed the work and finished it in Franch shipyards  and from shipyard on July 2000, after Royal Caribbean signed a letter of intent  with Chatiers de L'Atlantic to build two new class dubbed the Millenium class, the shipyard was located in Saint Nazaire, France. The vessel was the first new built for Celebrity following merger between it and Royal Caribbean International based in Miami .   U.L.A. President Eduardo Capriles has organized a Laser Light Show Production team that includes the talents of several Laser lighting specialists, who adheres and govern certain laser light show skills of technical and artistic value, thus our company is named UNITED LASER ARTISTS INC.

Our team has the benefit accumulated experience in the professional laser entertainment business with over three decades of experience. Thank you so much for your interest in our professional laser light show company. 

                                Best regards, Eduardo E. Capriles CEO President UNITED LASER ARTISTS INC.

Electro-optical Engineer / Cinematographer /  Producer

 ULA CEO Eduardo Capriles Drayer

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