UNITED LASER ARTISTS INC. was founded by electro-optics specialist Eduardo Capriles  in 1994 after years of working in the laser repair and laser display entertainment business.   Originally the company performed laser show demonstrations for private parties, special events and trendy nightclubs. The superior quality of our shows got the attention of world class promoters, cruise lines executives and touring concert artists.  At the turn of the Millennium, the Company acquired certification from the Center for Devices and Radiological Health CDRH and the Food and Drug Administration FDA variance as a manufacturer and user of electronic devices incorporating laser light components.  The company started performing shows in Miami and we have grown to incorporate larger and larger audiences all over the world that include corporate theater, special events, trade shows, arenas and cruise ships.   Our team is a group of highly talented technicians, computers programmers and artists.  Our laser display presentations have dazzle thousands of spectators taking them through a magical and exiting ride!   We often meet and surpass our client’s expectations producing dynamic and memorable shows. Please contact us with your vision and ideas and we'll make them reality!


Using the latest PURE DIODE Technology, compact dust proof design and high optical efficiency. Professional High Power RGB Laser Projection systems, efficient & affordable.
Different configurations available to accommodate your budget.

Advanced engineering.  High performance, reliability and durability. SUPERIOR QUALITY LASER EQUIPMENT
US based support, 24/7 no need to ship overseas for servicing. THE ALL NEW COSMIC RAY Series:

High optical power RGB ILDA Laser projectors. FEATURES: Hi-res scanners
Balanced input on scanners and colors
Scanner fail-safe and scanner error protection
Internal safety shutter
Interlock and status indicator
ILDA-standard connector
Use internal laser controller (Pangolin QuickShow)
Can also be run with external laser controllers such as Pangolin Lasershow Designer
Laser: Solid-state RGB diodes (red-green-blue giving "white" light). Custom color configurations available.
Analog modulation of colors; gives 16.5 million colors
CW continuous-wave light -- no pulsing or "dotted lines"
Air-cooled -- no water needed
Available with a wide variety of laser powers, from 1 to 25 or more watts
U.S. FDA/CDRH compliant Our projectors Includes Pangolin QuickShow 2.2, mounting  bracket and 100 feet of ILDA cable. One Year Warranty. Beyond software and FB4 network controller available. Please contact us for pricing, special offers and technical specifications.    The future is getting brighter and brighter with lasers networking during spectacular live shows! We LOVE what we do and we do it with passion for the visual arts.     


  Electro-optical Engineer / Laserist / Programmer

 ULA President CEO. Eduardo E. Capriles